About Us

stephen-conroyWe hope that curiosity and passion bring you to our humble page! Our website was created by a couple of passionate pokie gamers looking to share their experiences with the online casino community. We know the importance of only playing online that are worthy of our time and most importantly, we hope to provide upfront and honest reviews that can help other gamers avoid certain games or rekindle their interest in others.

The digital age is upon us and that means as technology advances, so do the video slot games that we have access to. Most of us still remember the thrill of playing Minesweeper or holding out for the moment when the next level of JezzBall appears, and this is the same passion we feel about our online game reviews. It is our hope that this love of gaming shines through in every aspect of our site.

The gaming community consists of some of the most diverse people in the world. You could be a banker by trade or the most successful lawyer in your city, but when you play a game, you’re transported into a different world. Many people have noted that gamers are looking for their next fix as a form of escapism, which is often true. In a world that seems so cruel and uncontrollable, gaming is a way out.

If us gamers can stick together and share our online experiences, we can cement our community pride together. The more reviews that are written about games, the easier the selection process becomes for novice gamers or those new to the scene. We believe everyone should enjoy the fun and escapism that video games offer, even if they only have limited free time. Our promise is this: we promise to deliver honest, relevant, and truthful reviews as long as we have your support!