Summer is one of the most desired seasons. The scorching sun arrives, the walks become every day and the holidays show up with a lot of free time. When it comes to reasons, there are too many that make this the most beloved season.

Casino players are no exception. With summer, the mood and enthusiasm improve, as well as the amount of time spent in a room. Some prefer crowded areas, perhaps some enthusiastic poker table or blackjack. On the contrary, others do not move away from their slots at all. Not even because they have to stand in line to use them.

Speaking of summer and all its contemplations, it was not a surprise to anyone when some software developers took the station as inspiration for their new prospects. This resulted in innovative, juicy and hot slot models. Almost as much as the season that runs from June to September.

With prize cards, fun in the slots, pretty exquisite winnings and irresistible bonuses, these three slots are the most popular in online casinos and conventional gaming rooms.

Hot-Hot Volcano

This idea, from the company Amaya, has one of the most innovative themes when it comes to summer slots. In fact, its good construction and operation are what makes it worthy to head the list. After “The Gulliver Trips ” and ” The legacy of Aladdin”, this is the third slot machine of the company that manages to sneak in among other great online casino games, such as Microgaming and Playtech.

Five rollers and twenty-five pay lines are available for bettors Hot-Hot Volcano. While they recreate the theme of being on an island paradise, tropical fruits, balancing monkeys, lizards, and the biggest prize – naturally represented by a volcano – are present each round to contribute to the fun.

This slot has a return percentage that reaches 96% a consideration that, from wherever you look, makes it worthy of the best summer award. Among its characteristics, the “Wild Dramatic Explosion”, which occurs when the volcano icons are aligned, throws prizes so large that users can be stunned.

Also, online gaming rooms offer bonuses in this game that reach up to 500 credits. A not inconsiderable number when it comes to slots.

There is no hotter way to welcome summer than by participating in these machines. The archetype of the season is heating and when it comes to high temperatures, a volcano is still an appropriate personification.

The Great Bad Wolf

Quickspin is responsible for this game that, during the summer, puts the rollers to spin and excites the players with each prize that happens. It is likely that when they hear the name of this slot some frown: it is normal; after all, the story of the three little pigs is as tied to the summer as it could be Santa Claus and his reindeer.

All that susceptibility is abated thanks to the return to the player that gives this machine. More than 95, 7% and with bonuses and icons that are frequently aligned to fill the pockets of their users. Naturally, the wolf is the great character of this specimen, but the little pigs also contribute greatly by constantly appearing and chasing – metaphorically – quite angry birds.

This medley of characters is accompanied by twenty-five pay lines and other bonus icons that include straw houses, honey pots, and a wasp hive, all quite absurd and fun at the same time.

As far as the boats are concerned, the profits can be humble compared to other slots, but that does not detract from the 100 thousand dollars, nobody has ever been seen unhappy to earn that figure without doing anything but invest in spinning reels and calculations that do their job.

So, a machine is put together that changes the perspective of one of the most popular stories for children, making it clear that while the wolf is quite ferocious, it also channels those feelings when it comes to throwing money.


This is going to border on the absurd, but the lord of the night, who hates the sun and, therefore, the heat, is the representative of one of the most popular summer slot games in online casino halls. This work of Netent, in addition to breaking the mold of stereotypes, has a return percentage of 94% and has the neatest animation ever seen in slot machines.

However, nothing leaves the players so delighted that their 5 reels and forty lines of payment. Among its movements, the Stacked Wilds is one of the most recognized because it triggers free spins or cash rewards. The most anticipated icon, of course, is about Dracula.

With its mansion, its fangs and bats, this slot has a variety of movements so fun and engaging that its nocturnal effects are not at all frigid. They condense the best of summer and the arid nights that happen during this season.

To all these games are added such good and interesting versions that different software developers launch to the market. Such is its popularity, that if you search through Google “summer slots”, the sites store, at least, 250 different modalities.