Midas Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Casino Midas, a new online casino, was created in 2012 and is regulated by Curacao. The name King Midas is referenced for his golden touch, which made him famous throughout history as well as today’s casinos that feature slot games like spinsamba because it provides an enjoyable experience with its innovative features such as high withdrawal limits or bonuses offered only after meeting certain requirements before even making your first deposit. So, if you want to play some slots, we propose Spin Samba!


Casino Midas is a website where gamers may enjoy over 250 different video slot games. This casino’s selection cannot compete with that of some of the larger sites, such as Betfair, which has over 500 game selections, and other smaller casinos may have even more options in their catalogues. Despite having less variety than many competitors, there are still plenty of options when browsing all available slots on Casino Midas, including traditional 3 reel machines or 5 reel jackpots – often linked up with Realtime Gaming’s progressive network, so you never know what kind of big payout could be yours!

If you enjoy playing games like Roulette, Blackjack, and live dealer poker, then the Casino Midas website is for you. It also provides more than enough options in this category, with European and American variants available, as well as many tables set up at once, ensuring that there is always someone waiting by their betting circle! All of these elements are provided by Technical Systems Testing, who have ensured that everything on offer is fair before allowing anyone in – I recommend giving them a try if only because they do such an outstanding job properly checking every component beforehand!


Casinos want to make your experience as smooth and flawless as possible, so we ensure that our software functions like a well-oiled machine. We also provide access to the games via an instant play flash version of Casino Midas Mobile – no downloads required!

Deposits and withdrawals

Casino Midas offers a variety of banking options for players to select from. There is no limit deposit per transaction, so try your luck and be inventive! If you need help with any aspect of withdrawing funds, the site also provides live chat customer care that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as an email or phone contact.
At Casino Midas, a lot goes into creating the ideal player experience; one thing they do well is

Casino Midas has dedicated to using the most up-to-date industry-standard encryption technology to protect players’ personal and financial information.


Casino Midas is the go-to site for Australian gamers wishing to wager some of their hard-earned money on an online casino. They provide two sorts of bonuses, each of which can award you up to $3,333 if you choose properly and play consistently! The first type is known as a Welcome Bonus, and it consists of three parts: your regular new player’s wager earns you matched play by paying at least twice what they put into real money; then, after making three deposits within 30 days, the same rules apply but without doubling as many times; and finally, after making three deposits within 30 days, the same rules apply but without doubling as many times (for example betting 1 dollar each time instead). Other than making one initial deposit, there is no other rule for Slots Only bonuses.

This novel method to welcoming incentives caters to both high-rollers and regular players. The Slots Only bonus has an unavoidable wagering requirement of 25 times your deposit plus any winnings before you may withdraw them from the casino lobby.

It is vital to understand that only slots games will contribute towards your wagering requirement with the Slots Only Welcome Bonus. Scratchcards and Keno are not covered in this deal, so be sure to check out all of our other fantastic new player incentives!

Other Promotional Offers

Casino Midas offers a number of promos, including a substantial Welcome Bonus, four levels to achieve in their loyalty programme, and a high point earning rate. New players begin at the Silver level, which awards one point for every dollar waged, whereas Slot Club members earn two points for every dollar waged. As you progress through these ranks (Bronze I Gold), not only do your points accumulate faster, but your bonuses rise as well!
As an example: A player who advances from Elite to VP Player rank will receive his first 500 coins in just three days; but, if he achieves VP Player status within 60 days, he will receive an additional 1000 coins.

There are other promotions available, like the Tuesday Reload Bonus, which pays you 50% up to $100 for making deposits on Tuesdays, Weekend Bonuses with matching bonuses from Saturday or Sunday, and Insurance Madness, which gives players money back if they lose more than what was risked.

That’s a fairly good list for those who want to keep their players coming back for more.


Casino Midas is a terrific option if you’re seeking for an online casino halfway around the world. The site has hundreds of games and big-name progressive jackpots to keep any player happy! In addition to its RTG software (which guarantees it will always function properly on most platforms), this Australian-based gambling company has some amazing bonuses to boot, making it worth checking out regardless of your gaming preferences: Whether it’s slots or table tennis betting odds; blackjack tournament pots increasing by $1 million every day; or live dealer poker tournaments with thousands upon thousands of dollars at risk – there really isn’t anything here that doesn’t satisfy live gamers’ cravings?
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Casino Midas is one of the best modern online casinos available in Australia. It provides a competitive array of perks and outstanding customer service, as well as reviews for simple reference on what customers think of it. National gambling establishment Samurai Cobra Casino SlotMan Grand Rush Samurai Cobra Casino SlotMan Grand Rush Spin Samurai Cobra Casino SlotMan A excellent approach to find out which sites offer what you’re looking for without having to open an account or make any deposits yourself!
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