Tasmania Wilderness Honeymoon Packages: Embrace Nature’s Romance

Tasmania, Australia’s island state, beckons newlywed couples with its stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and untamed wilderness. It offers an unmatched setting for those looking to embark on a romantic journey that’s off the beaten path. We invite you to explore our exclusive Tasmania wilderness honeymoon packages, a symphony of natural beauty, adventure, and intimacy that promises to make your special occasion truly unforgettable.

Explore the Pristine Wilderness

Our Tasmania wilderness honeymoon packages provide couples with a unique opportunity to explore the untouched and diverse landscapes of Tasmania. Each part of this magical island offers something extraordinary.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

This iconic region, renowned for its rugged mountain ranges and reflective glacial lakes, provides an array of activities. Engage in romantic hikes, or experience the tranquility of Dove Lake.

Freycinet Peninsula

With its stunning granite peaks and clear azure waters, Freycinet Peninsula is a haven for beach lovers. Walk hand-in-hand on Wineglass Bay’s soft white sands, or take a scenic cruise together.

Tarkine Wilderness

The largest temperate rainforest in Australia, Tarkine Wilderness offers a chance to discover rich Aboriginal heritage, observe unique wildlife, and explore wild rivers and coastal heathlands.

Southwest National Park

Home to World Heritage wilderness, Southwest National Park offers remote hiking trails and breathtaking landscapes. Experience true seclusion in one of Tasmania’s most untouched areas.

Luxury Eco-Resorts: A Haven in the Wilderness

Our Tasmania wilderness honeymoon packages ensure that comfort and luxury are never compromised, even as you immerse yourselves in nature.

Pumphouse Point

Situated on Lake St Clair, Pumphouse Point offers rooms with breathtaking lake views. Enjoy local cuisine and explore the surrounding wilderness with guided activities.

Saffire Freycinet

An award-winning luxury lodge, Saffire Freycinet delivers a blend of outdoor activities and relaxation therapies. Rejuvenate with a couples’ spa session after a day of adventure.

Corinna Wilderness Experience

Stay in heritage cottages at Corinna and explore the Tarkine Wilderness with guided kayaking tours and rainforest walks. Revel in the solitude and charm of this remote location.

Adventures Tailored for Two

Unleash the thrill-seekers in you with our range of exciting adventures.

Wilderness Kayaking

Paddle together through tranquil rivers and coastal waterways. It’s a peaceful way to connect with nature and each other.

Guided Wildlife Tours

Tasmania’s unique wildlife, such as the Tasmanian devil and wombats, can be observed in their natural habitat. Share these once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters.


The clear skies of Tasmania offer a mesmerizing stargazing experience. Hold hands as you wish upon a shooting star.

Helicopter Rides

For a bird’s-eye view of Tasmania’s diverse landscapes, opt for a helicopter ride. It’s a breathtaking way to commemorate your love.

Delight in Tasmania’s Culinary Excellence

Tasmania is famous for its fresh produce, gourmet cuisine, and world-class wines.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Savor delicious meals prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Many of our partnered resorts offer farm-to-table dining experiences that are both delectable and sustainable.

Wine Tasting Tours

Explore Tasmania’s renowned wine regions, such as the Tamar Valley, with guided tours. Taste premium cool-climate wines, including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as you learn about their making.

Create Your Own Tasmania Wilderness Honeymoon

With us, customization is key. Your honeymoon should reflect your interests, preferences, and dreams. Our expert team is ready to tailor a package that speaks uniquely to you.


Our Tasmania wilderness honeymoon packages are designed for couples who seek a blend of romance, adventure, luxury, and connection with nature. From exploring World Heritage wilderness areas and staying in eco-conscious luxury resorts to embarking on thrilling outdoor adventures and enjoying culinary delights, each experience is crafted to deepen your bond and leave lasting impressions.

Tasmania is a land like no other, where wilderness meets comfort and where love flourishes amidst nature’s grandeur. As you embark on this new chapter of life, let the enchanting landscapes of Tasmania be the backdrop to your love story.

Choose our Tasmania wilderness honeymoon packages, and let us take you on a journey where every moment is a memory, every sight a spectacle, and every experience a celebration of love in the wild heart of Australia. Let the echoes of nature’s symphony accompany your love, forever etched in time.